1. Summer Bodies Are Built in the Winter

    You’ve probably heard it time and time again: “Summer bodies are made/built/finished in the winter.” Yes, it’s slightly clichéd, but it is true that the winter is a great time to develop your strength and tone your muscles to ensure they are ready for the beach when summer rolls around. Sure, here in California we are fortunate enough to have beautiful weather for most of the year, but yo…Read More

  2. Pilates vs Yoga: What’s the Difference?

    Pilates is our specialty here at SweatHB. We often hear people questioning the difference between pilates and its cousin, yoga. On the surface it may appear as though these two types of exercise are slight derivatives of each other, but there are a great deal of differences. SweatHB is here to give you a little bit of insight into what differentiates these great sports and why one might be better …Read More

  3. The Origin of Pilates

    You may have tried Pilates before, and you may be a regular at our daily classes in Huntington Beach, but how much do you know about the origin of Pilates? You know how beneficial it is for your body, but understanding its history can make you appreciate the exercise form even more. At SweatHB, we want to help people achieve their fitness goals, and that can be accomplished by building off what’…Read More

  4. Sign Up for Pilates with a Group of Friends!

    No matter how old you are, walking into a new environment by yourself can be a bit intimidating. You had a similar experience if you were ever the new student at a new school, and the same can be true when you walk into a new gym for the first time. At SweatHB, we want everyone to feel welcome every time they come to our gym, but we understand that having the support of friends can go a long way …Read More

  5. Still Time to Get in Shape This Summer

    Even though there are several days left in August, the majority of summer is now behind us, and people are looking forward to going back to school, going back to work following vacation, and getting back into a regular routine. If you intended to hit the gym more frequently this summer, but just didn't get around to it, there's still time. At SweatHB in Huntington Beach, our Pilates classes are a …Read More