Pilates Is For Everyone

When you say PILATES, often people think that it is for old woman, girls, dancers, or for physical therapy. That’s true, it is… but it is also for men and athletes too! Pilates is for everybody. It is one of the few forms of exercise that you can do everyday because instead of breaking down your body, Pilates builds you up so that you constantly progress in strength and flexibility. Pilates improves your ability to engage successfully in all the oth er activities you do. It balances the body and provides a new awareness of movement. If you are a athlete and you want to jump higher, hit the ball further, or just simply would like to become quicker stronger and faster, then Pilates is for you.

Pilates developed by a guy named Joe. He called his movement system “Contrology.” Joe saw it as the art of complete control of the body, mind, and spirit. Joe Pilates was a cigar smoking, whiskey drinking boxer and gymnast; a “mans man.” Joe was German, and was touring England in a gymnastics troupe when World War I broke out. He was interned by the British and spent much of the war working as a hospital orderly. He developed Contrology as a way to rehabilitate injured soldiers and to strengthen victims of a major influenza epidemic. After the war Joe emigrated to New York where he opened up his studio in the mid 1920’s. His methods were soon recognized by many in the dance and acting community in New York as being amazingly effective at building strength and flexibility and in rehabilitating injuries. Pilates came to the West Coast in the 1970’s and was quickly adopted by many in Hollywood. It has grown so quickly in recent years because it works.

Joe developed a number of pieces of equipment to practice Pilates on. They are unique and not like any other exercise equipment you have ever seen. During his internment he began developing the equipment out of things that were available to him at the time. You can still see how he used hospital beds and bedsprings early on. Of course the equipment is much more refined now, but resistance is still supplied by springs and the equipment still reflects those roots from almost 100 years ago. Most people come to appreciate the unique qualities of Joe’s designs. There are hundreds of exercises that can be performed on the Universal Reformer, or just Reformer. One of the unique characteristics of Pilates is that all of the exercises can be modified in many ways to suit the needs of the client. That is why Pilates is used more and more both in physical therapy settings and also by many major sports teams as a training adjunct for world class professional athletes. Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant both practice Pilates!

There are six principles to Pilates; Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow. Pilates is very much a mind/body form of exercise. You not only strengthen your body, but you learn to wear your body in a whole new way. Your posture improves and you stand taller, you move with more fluidity and grace, and you come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the wonderful gift that your body is. Pilates trains all the muscles of your body, most especially the very important deeper muscles of stabilization and support that many other systems of movement neglect.

I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years, and the director of a exercise rehabilitation department for four years. I believe in the power of Pilates to enhance healthy bodies and to repair broken bodies, and I am supremely confident I can enhance your quality of life through Pilates. I have seen people with chronic pain, heal themselves through movement. When people tell me that they are afraid of movement, I can relate to them. I was an avid runner for many years. I suffered a severe injury that almost destroyed my knee. I was 45 years old, in constant pain, and afraid to move . I tried Pilates, desperate to be out of pain, as a last resort. I have never looked back. Pilates has changed the way I look and feel and move. Pilates gave me back my life.

For many years I have worked with clients with hip replacements, double shoulder replacements, and knee replacements. I have experience with chronic back pain and arthritis. I can provide a safe environment where you can learn to move without fear. For you athletes, I can also provide a challenging workout that targets your specific needs and that will leave you shaking and covered in sweat. You will feel that you have been pushed to your limits.

So no matter what you fitness goals are, Pilates can help you meet them. No matter if you want to be stronger, run further, jump higher, or hit the ball better; or if you just want to move without pain, Pilates can help. Many of my clients come to me because their doctors told them to try Pilates, or they started Pilates in a physical therapy setting and want to continue. I urge you to go to a reputable studio, with well-trained instructors, and to give Pilates a try. Joe was a genius of movement. Pilates works!


Sweat HB is a Huntington Beach Fitness Studio Offering a High Intensity Fitness Experience Through Pilates and Indoor Cycling

As the first RealRyder® Indoor Cycling studio in the OC, bringing the city the ride of its life, with fun and functional “unstationary” indoor cycling classes. This dynamic method delivers a comprehensive, cardio intensive upper and lower body workout, going well beyond the limits of a traditional stationery bike or a spinning class.Through a full schedule of classes, the studio provides something for everyone regardless of age, condition or fitness level. Certified instructors and knowledgeable staff motivate, challenge, and inspire students to achieve optimal health and happiness.

The studio located at 21184 Beach Boulevard opened on May1, 2013. It is the brainchild of Trina Elmore, a Personal Trainer specializing in exercise rehab, who has helped people return to a life of confidence, strength and freedom in movement for more than 20 years.

Elmore works closely with local practitioners specializing in Physical Therapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic care to supplement their patients’ treatments and goals of restoring function and confidence.

Sweat HB: New Pilates and Indoor Cycling Studio to Open in Huntington Beach

Can Indoor Cycling Complement Functional Fitness?

There are members who cycle, and members who do functional training. Sometimes these groups overlap, but rarely are cycles thought to be an essential element to a functional fitness regimen. But does that have to be the case?

“Functional training is all about teaching individuals safe and efficient movement patterns to better execute the activities they perform in their daily lives,” Jackie Mendes, NASM­CPT, ACE­Group Fitness Instructor, and Director of RealRyder International. “Indoor Cycling on traditional static equipment (i.e. stationary indoor bikes) has been struggling to establish a viable foothold within this functional fitness trend for years.”

While indoor cycling companies continue to offer additional functional training eq uipment, and yoga/cycling combination studios are gaining traction, there still hasn’t been a happy marriage of cycling and functional fitness. But companies such as RealRyder are beginning to help change that, producing bikes that mimic the natural, functional patterns of outdoor cycling.

“By offering a more effective functional training tool, we hope to continue to see less repetitive stress in the indoor cycling room, less movements on a fixed bike that don’t make scientific sense, less sheer boredom,” says Mendes. “We’ve also opened up the world of indoor cycling to those who’ve been against the limitations of traditional ‘fixed’ stationary bikes, such as physical therapists, personal trainers, as well as yoga and Pilates instructors.” One yoga instructor and runner, Sarah Sturges, founder of Sarah Sturges Yoga, has incorporated cycling into her own regimen to improve her personal fitness. “The most evident benefit that indoor cycling has on functional training is that you are able to incorporate a mid to high intensity cardiovascular workout, without the rigors of impact exercise such as running,” she says.

Fred Capo, a personal trainer who has ­utilized functional training for clients in combination with high-­intensity training for a long time, is excited by the prospect of more functionally­-efficient indoor cycling options.

“Although many of my clients enjoy taking a cycling class and do get cardiovascular benefits, along with the mental advantage of working out in a group environment, being able to get a good core and functional workout without getting off of the bike would be great,” he says. “I believe in efficiency and getting the most out of every workout, and this combination could really catch on.” Mendes says that the new breed of indoor cycling equipment is poised to take its efficiency to the next level.

“While outdoor cycling, our bodies move through a variety of planes of motion naturally. Our balance and coordination is challenged and rewarded constantly. We use our core musculature cohesively with our arms and legs, hands and feet, to develop and maintain power, control, and stability.” she says. “Today’s indoor group cycling classes should support the body’s natural movement patterns and provide functional training benefits.”