Pilates Reformer Huntington BeachREFORMER

Reformer classes will dramatically transform the way your body looks and feels.

It will lengthen and build strength without bulk. Creating a sleek, toned body with tight abdomen and slender thighs. All this while increasing your flexibility. This non-impact exercise is perfect for any age or fitness level, creating a mind-body experience.


Fast-paced Pilates class using EXO® chair, wall tower, and other great props.

This effective full-body workout was specifically designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone the entire body quickly and safely. Creating flexibility and lengthening muscles. This is no ordinary Pilates class! Get ready to sweat!! We will challenge you in many different ways, but keep you wanting more!


We’re taking the training wheels off of this one!

After 20 years of indoor cycling – stationary bikes are finally getting a face lift – and the look is RealRyder™!

RealRyder™ Cycling is the next era in indoor cycling.

Our Core Cycle class is a 50-minute ride on our exclusive RealRyder™ bikes, the only indoor bikes that have a unique, articulating frame that allows YOU to steer, lean, and feel like you’re on an actual road bike! Experience a 5-in-1 workout for the whole body – not simply legs and cardio, but also upper body, core muscle groups, and balance. Our Core Cycle class allows you to burn 20 percent more calories for the same ride!


Looking to build speed, power, and flexibility?

Want to burn excessive amount of calories in one class? This class is for you. The jump board fastens to the end of the Reformer, making it a serious cardio component. Using the principles of plyometrics, the jump board takes gravity out of the equation, creating less stress on the joints. This is a great low-impact cardio workout that allows us to train the athlete within, opening the mind to greater fitness possibilities!

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