You’ve probably heard it time and time again: “Summer bodies are made/built/finished in the winter.” Yes, it’s slightly clichéd, but it is true that the winter is a great time to develop your strength and tone your muscles to ensure they are ready for the beach when summer rolls around. Sure, here in California we are fortunate enough to have beautiful weather for most of the year, but you can’t always be in a swimsuit or out in the water. Those months where you aren’t in your beach apparel can be used to sweat a little bit at SweatHB with a pilates or indoor cycling class, but also to get your fitness and nutrition on point. Today, we want to give you a little nudge in the right direction on how to use the winter months to get ready for the summer ahead.


Indulgence in Small Amounts

We all know the holiday season brings with it the temptation of alcoholic beverages and sweet treats. They seem to attack us from every angle, putting the hard work of the last year in jeopardy in a matter of days. Rather than eating all the cookies in the tin and consuming multiples cups of spiked egg nog, pace yourself. You absolutely deserve to enjoy the holiday treats, but you don’t want to force yourself to need four hours of spin class because you ate ten gingerbread men. Enjoy in moderation, wait for a few minutes after finishing one cookie or drink before having another, and preserve all of the improvements this past year has brought you.

Dry January

Speaking of those boozy delights, the holidays tend to be filled with libations of all kinds from hot to cold, tall and short, strong and sweet. You may not even know it, by the time January rolls around, your liver and waistline may be suffering from the copious amounts of liquor. Taking part in a dry January and giving your body time to detox and re-acclimate is highly beneficial. Rather than using your indoor cycling to sweat out last night’s party, you can use it to progress towards your goals for the new year, while also avoiding the calories that come from alcohol.


Excuses to Train Inside

Often times runners, cyclists, and other athletes more inclined to partake in outdoor exercise and workouts see colder weather as a way to wane off their regimen and take some down time. Doing this can be the beginning of a slippery slope, causing those outdoor athletes to make excuses, saying the weather isn’t right for training and they need to wait. Instead of this, take the opportunity to find a great indoor athletic venture to pursue. If you are a runner or a cyclist, one of our spin classes is the perfect way to maintain cardiovascular shape without braving the elements. If you are more prone to a flexibility practice in the park, utilizing a pilates class like our Reformer will help you keep your elasticity while also firing some muscles you may not have known existed!

SweatHB wants to help keep you in shape year round. Our pilates gym is proud to offer a variety of classes to keep even the pickiest athlete engaged, from reformer pilates to spin. If you are ready for a change in your workout regimen or are looking for the best way to get in shape for beach season, give us a call or stop by to sign up for your first class today!