Let’s be honest, everyone wants to lose weight this Winter. Even when we know we shouldn’t eat that slice of pie it somehow still ends up in our hands. That’s why work outs like Pilates are growing in popularity.

Toning the core, decreasing waist size, and a fun workout are the best things about Pilates!

What’s so special?

Trying everything from yoga to high-intensity workouts there’s something different about Pilates. The deep stretches, low-impact, and full-body workouts make it unique and fun. One of the best aspects of Pilates for weight loss is that it is sustainable.  Considering most people fail their new trendy weight loss goals, Pilates offer

Weight loss for the holidays

Don’t just take my word for it research shows, “weight, BMI, fat percentage, waist, abdomen, and hip circumference decreased significantly after training.” (Şavkin, R., & Aslan, U. B)

Pilates advocates preach the benefits of toned muscles and core, better posture, and back pain relief.  Not only does Pilates help physically but also mentally. The full-body workout floods the body with endorphins, leaving stress and worries at the door.  You feel and see the results after a good class.


Working out will help the body’s metabolism speed up while also building lean muscle. Combine Pilates workouts with a good diet and the results will show.

Signing up or giving the gift of Pilates could be the best weight loss decision for the holidays.  So don’t let this year’s resolutions fail and go try at least one Pilates class. Getting fit and tone doesn’t have to be so scary and hard with Pilates.

So have some fun with your workouts and comment below if you have ever tried Pilates.